About Me

Hi, I'm Sarah, the founder of Pawesome Parenting Dog Training and Walking.

As a qualified dog trainer, I give you the assurance and peace of mind as I have been assessed by one of the leading dog training organisations and achieved a high standard. The IMDT promotes positive force-free training methods, I train dogs using these modern methods. In addition to this qualification I have also undertaken the following courses:

· OCN Level III (Principles of Dog Training And   Behaviour) accredited. 

· Perfect Puppy

· Canine Aggression and Rehabilitation

· Canine Body Language

· Practical Instructor

· Advanced Training and Behaviour

· Canine First Aid

· Separation Anxiety

· Abnormal and Repetitive Behaviour

I’ve always had a passion for dogs, as well as having my own, I have a background in dog caring from my years with Bones Doggy Day Care in Newbury. In addition to this I am also a dog trainer, walker and sitter.

Having previously had rescue dogs, I then had a new puppy so I have first-hand experience of the issues doggy parents face! From my time at ‘Bones’, the training and obedience courses I have attended made it clear to me how much I enjoy working with people and their dogs!

I am dedicated to working with dogs and their owners, to this end I have assisted West Berkshire Council as a judge at the Shaw House Fete Dog Show. 

It is my aim to help you enjoy your Pawesome Pups with fun sessions and courses. 

Sarah Pascall-Smith IMDT

Founder and Trainer